Pet Services
 The loss of a family pet is always an emotional and difficult time. You care about your loyal friend while he is alive and want to do what is best for him after his passing. Cremation of your pet is a safe and humane way of disposition of his body.

 Kerr-Pastore Funeral Home offers cremation services to you at this difficult time. We understand that your pet has been a loyal member of the family and we handle these times with the utmost care and compassion.

 Caring as you do for your pet's needs today, preparing for his passing can bring comfort when the difficult time arrives. Knowing that he will be cared for after death can bring a sense of comfort to aid you in dealing with your loss.

 We offer a line of urns and caskets for your beloved family pet. Whether you choose cremation or your own personal burial, our line of merchandise will aid in comforting you through these difficult times.

 Please call us at 330-853-7663 to discuss the options available to you.