Traditional Burial Services
 The type of service you choose, be it a funeral or cremation, is a personal choice. Deciding how to honor and remember your loved one will be up to you, and your funeral arranger will guide you through this process to make sure all of your needs are met. No matter what type of service you are planning, we will help you customize your tribute to reflect your loved one's life and passions.

  • Funeral Service- Funeral customs vary widely between cultures and between religious affiliations within cultures. Commonly, visitation usually lasts one or two days, and usually includes the body of the decedent being present, and is then followed by the funeral service.

  • Memorial Service- A memorial service is usually a secular service without the body present. Alternatively, it is used to describe a less formal practice than a traditional funeral, and include such things as eulogies, music and fellowship.

  • Graveside Service- A graveside service, also known as a "direct burial", is a service held at the grave site. In addition to being much less costly than a funeral, it can be a warm and informal way for friends and loved ones to honor the departed.

  • Chapel Service- A chapel service is a service conducted in a place of worship. There are many cemeteries that have a chapel located on their grounds where services are conducted.

  • Church Service- A church service is a service conducted in a specific place of worship.

  • Committal Service- A committal service is the final prayer at the cemetery or funeral home.
Cremation Services
 Just as you have choices when arranging a traditional burial, you have choices when arranging a cremation. Again, it is a personal decision and your funeral arranger will help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a fitting tribute.

  • Funeral Service- If you choose cremation, a traditional funeral service is still an option. Allowing family and friends visitation hours, be it one or two days, helps with the grieving process. After the funeral service, the body will then be cremated.

  • Memorial Service- As mentioned above, a memorial service is usually less formal than a traditional funeral service. You can choose to view the body or not. If you choose cremation, you can have the memorial service before or after the body has been cremated.

  • Direct Cremation- With direct cremation, there are no services planned.

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